Local community representatives came together on 24 January 2018 to celebrate the official launch of a new 18-month cross community, cross border project ‘Finding Our Way’, administered by the Swanlinbar Development Association.

Funded by the International Fund for Ireland under its Peace Impact Programme, the project will address the deficit of cross community and cross border participation in the Swanlinbar and border area, through a diverse range of activities and skills training programmes which will engage people of all age groups and backgrounds, encouraging them to work on a cross community and cross border basis in a way that breaks down barriers and builds positive relationships.

The project has the potential to be truly transformative by drawing on the existing natural resources of the West Cavan and West Fermanagh area through the unique UNESCO recognised GEOPARK and utilising its economic potential as a common bond that unites the two communities. The potential for alternative employment opportunities and the creation of a viable sustainable social enterprise are very real outcomes that are achievable in this deprived cross border community.

‘Finding our Way’  will be delivered in a collaborative way, working with organisations and individuals, and where possible and relevant will engage directly with other statutory agencies in the area including Cavan County Council and Fermanagh Omagh District Council  and the GEOPARK