Gortnalughany View point

Gortalughany is a special place because of its earth science interest. The area contains a number of important rock outcrops while a series of typical landforms are associated with the limestone.

The area consists of a series of Carboniferous age rocks, mainly limestones. At that time these rocks formed in warm, shallow and biologically productive equatorial waters.
The series of disused quarries around Gortalughany offer a superb section through one of the most important geological units in this area and known as the Dartry Limestone Formation. The limestones contain abundant fossils dominated by corals and brachiopods.

The abandoned quarries on the way to the Gortalughany viewpoint display the Carboniferous limestone that underlies much of this part of the Geopark.  The limestone was deposited in layers over 330 million years ago, at the bottom of a shallow tropical sea that covered most of what we now know as Ireland.  The viewpoint offers wonderful views of Cuilcagh Mountain and of Upper Lough Erne with its many drowned drumlin islands.

Gortalughany View Point



Situated just over 3 miles north west of Swanlinbar on the Carran Road

Coordinates : 54.218884,-7.743412
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